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The Exhibition

Visitors are welcomed into a curious world of perspective-taking and reflection - a place where

we dare to ask ourselves the fundamental question:

What could a favourable growth idea be about?

What happens when we dare to question our own conceptual world? When we understand that the construction and idea of the world in which we live

is in no way given to us? 


Through stories and portrayals, the concept of growth

is depicted based on the voices of different contexts.

What is growth about in nature? What values live in humor? What expression does growth take in other contexts in our lives? Can there be growth in grief? In death? Or in the world of magic?


"Growth - what is that?" gives no answers. There is no right or wrong. The exhibition aspires to increase our awareness of how we humans interact with our surroundings - as small but significant components of

a larger whole. We leave the linear logic behind.

By making threads that run between contexts visible

and tangible the exhibition offers a systemic perspective on growth.

Hidden logics

All living systems, ecosystems, have a more or less strong ability to rise up after crises of various kinds, which is a prerequisite for human life.


In the exhibition we examine the linear logic that characterises many of the systems and relationships on which our societies are constructed. Logics that through their inherent dynamics can both nurture and erode relationships and in the long run lead to the final collapse of a system.


Just like going through the rules of the game, before playing it, the visitors get to experience the exhibition's seven installations in the light of the three logics;

Keeping up with the Joneses 

"The neighbour's car is bigger than mine. I need a new and bigger one too” (symmetrical/competing system).

Show me your cards and I’ll show you mine

“I don't put into the relationship what I could put in because I know you are not going to put in what you could put in and since you know that I'm not going to put in…” (systems hold back).

David versus Goliath

"Because I am bigger and stronger than you, you need to be leaner and smarter than me, and because you are leaner and smarter than me I need to be..."(complementary/hierachical system).


Tillväxt, vad är det? Lyckokatter
Tillväxt, vad är det? förstoringsglas
Tillväxt, vad är det? Kossmanndejong

Exhibition design

This exhibition is designed not to inform visitors on a cognitive level but to make them experience in a visceral way, using all their senses. Knowing by experiencing, together and with others. Visitors are stimulated to connect their own knowledge and personal experience to what happens to them in the exhibition. Visitors are being activated to interact with the stories, making this a highly personal journey. 

The exhibition concept and design is developed by Kossmanndejong. 


Kossmanndejong are Amsterdam-based experience architects that create immersive narrative spaces for interaction, inspiration, and connection.


They’ve set the bar in exhibition and visitor experience design since 1998 and received numerous domestic and international awards. Operating globally Kossmanndejong excels in creating engaging experiences for diverse audiences through its authentic, rich, and deeply personal designs. 

"The most intriguing challenge was to develop a material language that reflected the layered and contradictory meanings of growth while still being relatable to people. Rebar meshes became a sort of symbol of an old-fashioned model of growth which is finally allowed to play with its rules."


Lucandrea Baraldi, Senior Designer Kossmanndejong

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