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    hort stories on growth written by authors at the Masters Program

in Creative Writing at Malmö University.


Tillväxt, vad är det? Moa Lundholm

Moa Lundholm

Candy Ring Goodbyes


"The flight to Madeira leaves in 1h 20 minutes. Savannah peeks out the living room window and notices the taxi arriving. Honk. It’s 1h 19 minutes left until departure. Darn it..."

Tillväxt, vad är det? Gerry Rodan

Gerry Rodan

This Meets a Self

"You have a body, yes?
‘This’ is sorry.
‘This’ has difficulty in understanding.
It is not a place correct?
It is like an object, your body..."

Tillväxt, vad är det? Nikola Wrzołek

Nikola Wrzolek

The Privileged


"I lie in my bed. The silence pushes me to the ground as if it was drilling in my guts; yet, my thoughts clash with what my mouth cannot utter..."

Tillväxt, vad är det? Jesper Simos

Jesper Simos

Which Choice?

"I walk along this pebbled road once more, like many a time I've wandered here before. The grass is dotted with lines of flowers and stones, telling tales of those who wandered all alone..."

      ramatised stories, written by Lina Fogelberg and Petra Trobäck and

performed by teachers and students at Stockholm University of the Arts 

(Peter, Tinna, Åsa, Maria, Nathalie, Caroline, Ejke och Vilja-Louise.)


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