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 e live in a world where mistrust, greed and hunger for power show up disguised as common sense. Where our faulty paths become self-validating, as a collective truth we all feed into and as the ground on which our societies are constructed and our lives are lived. 


Our common idea of growth is one taken hostage by the “market”, acting as authority and point of reference in our lives and whose mending prefixes; sustainable, equal, social, green anxiously patch up and maintain. Like a fairy tale no one believes in anymore, but still needs to live in.


To endure the pain, we collectively embark on a quest of “fixing the problem”, using the same approach which got us into the mess in the first place. 


Tillväxt, vad är det? Utställning Malmö Museer
Tillväxt, vad är det? Growth the exhibition


   aced by the complexity of global issues, deeply intermeshed, our hard wired systems begin to erode, calling for another line of reasoning.

The answers we search for are not to be found in nations, religions or institutions, nor in politics, economics or ecology.

No government, commission or individual can get hold of the conditions producing the issues. Instead the answer is found in the relationships between them.

Utställning Tillväxt, vad är det? Malmö Museer

   he exhibition lets you explore the question of growth from different perspectives. Lose yourself in a matrix world of rigid steel-structures intertwined by soft, organic, playful elements. Tune into a rich diversity of voices and discover how everything is interconnected through relationships. 


Don’t expect this exhibition to present you with answers. See it as a space for expanding your perception; an invitation to rethink the idea on which the growth narrative of our times rests. Immerse into the underlying logics feeding the narrative and explore emerging patterns more useful to humanity and the world as a whole. 


“How will people recognise the greater possibilities of their future human potential if their minds are only on what’s breaking down”                                                                                         Jean Houston

Meet the initiators

Intrigued by the linear logic dominating the way societies are constructed, Petra Trobäck and Lina Fogelberg founded Morphosis in 2018. An explorative space for emergent patterns of thinking. A fundament for embracing relationships through interconnectedness rather than separation by default.


With a background in the corporate world, the settled truth of eternal growth as a societal measure of success has always been calling their attention. In the wake of global movements offering a binary, either-or, approach to growth, where the linear growth paradigm is either sustained by advanced technology or suffocated through restrictions and policy-making they aim to place a systemic lens on the fundamental question: What is actually growing around us for the benefit of humanity? 

With the exhibition Growth - what is that? they scoop out of conversations taking place in diverse and multilayered contexts over the years, offering a space for perspective-taking and reflection. A possibility to integrate alternative dimensions of growth, which, like invisible threads, have the power to weave a richer fabric. 


Petra Trobäck and Lina Fogelberg have both spent many years working with leaders in the retail industry. Simultaneously but unaware of each others existence they attended the University of Gothenburg and attained a MSc

in Business Administration from The School of Business, Economics and Law.


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